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How to install the SDK - Cocoapods

Follow these steps to install on to your iOS app. If you are having problems with any of the steps, please contact us.

Installing with Cocoapods is super easy

When using Cocoapods, the SDK update process is faster and easier to setup.

1. Click "Add App"

Login to your account and clicking the big "+" button.

2. Add your app's name

In the APP NAME text field, type your app's name. Then select Install via Cocoapods.

3. Add Cocoapods installation code

Follow the installation instructions as shown.

4. Compile and Run your app

After installation is complete, compile and run your app. Doing so will activate your app in dashboard.

Build failed?

If you're experiencing any issues, just drop us a line.
You can use the chat icon in the bottom-right corner to get in touch with us, or email us at

5. Find your app in your Dashboard

In, new versions will appear automatically in your dashboard. You can remove versions from the Settings menu.


Now it's time to go to your dashboard and create your first hot-patch.

How to install the SDK - Cocoapods