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Embedded experiments

Embedded Experiments gives teams the ability to pack Rollout data (Experiments & Configurations) at build time.

The ability to pack custom deployment rules & configs at build time allows teams to control elements which are required at startup time w/o introducing any latency. (fetching data from the network)

As opposed to default values which handles flag/config defaults, embedded experiments allow for custom default deployment/config rules, i.e: open a feature only for beta users in the US.

Below are Android, iOS, and JavaScript embedded experiments installation instructions


  • Add to your build.gradle the following classpath
buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'io.rollout.rox:rox-configuration-plugin:0.0.1'
  • Apply the plugin in your build.gradle
apply plugin:


  • Add a new Run Script phase to your target, with the following line
“${SRCROOT}“/Pods/ROXCore/lib/ -k “<your_app_key>”


  • Install the plugin - npm install --save-dev rox-embedded-webpack
  • Add the plugin to you Webpack config
const ROXEmbeddedPlugin = require('rox-embedded-webpack-plugin');
module.exports = {
  entry: //...,
  output: //...,
  plugins: [
    new ROXEmbeddedPlugin(options)

Where options in an object with the following keys

   app: <YOUR APP KEY>,
   platform: <YOUR_PLATFORM_OF_CHOICE>, // (you can use 'Browser' here)

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Embedded experiments

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