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Getting started with CloudBees Rollout

The Getting Started guide describes how to install CloudBees Rollout client side and server side SDKs and define a feature flag.

There are 3 basics steps to get started with CloudBees Rollout:

Step 1 - Setting up

Step 2 - Installing the SDK

Step 3 - Deploying a feature flag

See Understanding billing to get started with the billing plans.

The following client side SDKs are available to install:

The following server side SDKs are available to install:

Cloudbees Rollout supports Over The Top (OTT) TV platforms. See below for more information:

Over The Top (OTT) TV platforms

Rollout supports most OTT TV platforms, all of Rollout TV SDK's have been tested on the relevant devices and are running in production.

  • AppleTV - use the iOS installation page
  • Tizan, Chromcast - use the Javascript installation page
  • AndroidTV, FireTV - use the Android installation page

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Getting started with CloudBees Rollout

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