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Integrating with Jira

This section describes how to integrate with Jira.

Rollout integration with JIRA allows teams to connect Rollout feature flags to JIRA issues, so that teams using JIRA can gain visibility into feature deployment from within the JIRA interface.

How to connect CloudBees Rollout & JIRA

  1. Go to Atlassian Marketplace and search for CloudBees Rollout, install the CloudBees Rollout marketplace App.

  2. After you install the CloudBees Rollout app, go to your Jira project settings and click Integration
    In that page, click the "Connect" button.

You would be then transferred to CloudBee Rollout's dashboard where you will confirm the connection.
After clicking close, you will be redirected back to Jira.

You are ready!

  1. Now, let's connect a Jira Issue to a CloudBees Rollout feature flag, in the issue view, at the right side you will see a Releases section, click the Connect Flag button.

You would then be redirected to Rollout's dashboard where you will choose your application, platform, and the desired feature flag. Once done click Connect

  1. Your feature flag is now connected and every change in feature deployment will be reflected in the Jira Issue
  1. If you want to view all flag, experiments and Jira connected issues from within the Rollout interface click on Account Name -> Account -> Jira Integration (tab)
  • Click on the Jira Issue to open Jira at the connected issue
  • Click on the delete icon to disconnect an issue from an experiment

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Integrating with Jira

This section describes how to integrate with Jira.

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